Learning to Vermont: Independence Day

Relocating to an entirely new part of the country is an exciting, but challenging, experience.  One month into our new life in Vermont, I’ve done all the nesting our small apartment (and my patience) can tolerate.  While my husband is busy with his job and our daughter is fast familiarizing herself with every square inch of the municipal pool, I’m steady on the search for contacts who will support my quest for a great new career move.

Since the professional community in Vermont is pretty tight, I decided to supplement my daily job application routine with a dedicated makeover to my LinkedIn Profile. That led to a couple of really amazing messages from complete strangers who reached out to me to offer support and an opportunity to volunteer at the local 3rd of July Festival sponsored by Montpelier Alive.  Of course, I was happy to offer any help they needed, including my photography services, which they accepted.  A big part of the celebration was the Family Olympics, an impressive array of games and activities.  The organizer of the Family Olympics, Capital Community Church, did an amazing job transforming the State House Lawn into a colorful play land that was enjoyed by all.

Please enjoy these informal photos, gathered as I strolled along State Street before the huge crowds arrived and after the sweet parade (and, no, I didn’t get a shot of Bernie, much to my chagrin.)




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