Learning to Vermont: A New Life in New England

Somewhere in…Ohio??


Quite recently, my husband took a job that provided us the perfect opportunity to do something we’d been wanting to do for years: relocate to a different part of the US to get a new perspective on our country and our lives.  With our ten-year old daughter, we decided to uproot from our home in St. Louis, Missouri and start a new chapter in Montpelier, Vermont.

St. Louis is the sort of town that can really suck you in, especially if you are a native like myself.  It’s affordable, entertaining, and, for us, it was pretty comfortable.  Therefore, downsizing by about two-thirds, saying goodbye to a few hundred people we love, selling our house of ten years, quitting our jobs, leaving family, adopting out our chickens, bidding farewell to our beloved chiropractor, etc. was a gigantic undertaking.  But the promise of a brighter future for our daughter with lower crime rates, more progressive politics, and easy commutes to the mountains, the ocean, and Oh, Canada! compelled us to do the work, make the sacrifices, and take the chance on a new life in New England.

In my “Learning to Vermont” essays, I’ll explore my observations of life as a Midwesterner in the Green Mountain State.  Making comparisons, obviously, to our old life and musing on the perks and challenges of rebooting, mid-life, will also be recurring themes.

It’s Summer now, so this ride might get a little bumpy down the road, but I’m buckled in and ready to go.



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