I’m with Her. Period.

Twice this weekend, I’ve had men try to persuade me to “educate myself” about their candidates (i.e. Not Hillary) because, for a reason I really cannot understand, they thought my vote was still somehow up in the air.  Rest assured, Trump and Johnson fans, I’ve done all the necessary research to have a solid plan for the voting booth this Fall.  Furthermore, I’m really looking forward to watching my candidate model the appropriate way one should discuss political issues in the upcoming debates.

Please, there is no need to aggravate me.  With so much social and political insanity going on these days, I’m struggling to hang on to my composure as it is.

I support everyone’s right to their vote, so leave me the hell alone about mine.

My foremothers didn’t fight as hard as they did to earn me the right to vote just so I would let a few late-game mansplainers swoop down and tell me I don’t know my candidate.

As you were.

#imwithher #hillary2016 #thisishappening 


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