5 years and 10 days ago today…

That’s when I started this blog.  Five years and ten days ago.  I just looked over the collectively meager number of posts, trashed a few that were particularly “meh,” and realized that I should probably add something new since it’s been two years since I last wrote anything here.  That’s when I wrote two posts about my extraordinary experience with a woman named Julie.  They were the posts that caught the eyes and hearts of the good editors here at WordPress and, once “Freshly Pressed” (something I had to ask my friend Andrea to explain,) the story of Julie and me ended up touching a few thousand folks from all over the world.  Why did so many people respond to my story about Julie?  I ask myself this over and over.  The answer is this:  I was smart (and LUCKY) enough to do something outside my comfort zone, follow it through, and then write about it from my heart without fear of exposing my tender underbelly.  See, I was raised to be strong, smart, and sensible…not overly sensitive, open, or vulnerable.  Sharing my personal thoughts and feelings to an uncontrolled audience this way…well, it scared the crap out of me.  (And it still does!)

So what ELSE has kept me from writing anything new for so long?  It’s simple, really.  I’m scared that nothing can top the story of Julie.  I’ve changed careers (again,) grown up a LOT in MANY areas of my life (I’ll get to that later, I’m sure,) and explored lots of intimidating and exciting facets of my career (teaching, by the way..did I not mention that?)  Shit, I crossed over into my 40’s since that last post.


I’m not a trained writer.  That’s probably pretty obvious to some of you.  But I’m done worrying about it.  I’m not a trained comedian, either, but that hasn’t stopped me from practicing my stand-up every day, has it?  No.  It has not.  Just ask my students.  Or my husband.  Or my poor, poor colleagues.  They all put up with so much.

So here it is, folks: my renewed commitment to writing stuff down.  I’ll consider it totally acceptable if no one ever reads it.  And, should someone accidentally run their eyeballs over this thing and enjoy my sentences, then I’ll be pleased to have gotten back in the habit.  Stay tuned.





3 Replies to “5 years and 10 days ago today…”

  1. You are a very talented writer. It works so well on the Web! You may want to explore a career in web writing — like HuffPost or something. I stumbled on your website. It’s very well put together!

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