My best wedding yet.

My daughter, Sylvie (5,) has watched over my shoulder as I edit my clients’ wedding photos her entire life.  One day, she decided she wanted to have her own wedding, in her room, between two of her favorite stuffed dogs.  She came to me very seriously and asked if I would be willing to shoot the wedding.  She even offered to pay me out of her piggy bank (I refused payment, for the record.)  Her father, a former event caterer and professional chef, was enlisted to make the cake (there was no other food, because five year olds don’t care about anything but cake.)  I helped with the decorations, she made the paper wedding gown and tuxedo (applied with Scotch tape,) and one of her friends showed her how to make tissue paper flowers.  We used her two favorite plastic frogs as the cake topper, played some fancy music on the boom box, and her beloved stuffed Panda officiated the ceremony (with Daddy doing the voiceover.)  It was a lovely affair and she was pleased with the photographs (thank goodness!)


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