Sloane, Hartman, & their parents

In a chat with an old friend this afternoon, I found myself answering a common question that comes up when chatting with old friends…”So how is business?”  This was my reply, copied and pasted from our chat:

“busy enough now. tax season was a bit rough…

i’m a softy…it really makes me happy when i can give people beautiful photos of their families or weddings (or workplaces, if they hire me to shoot their business.)…

i feel like what i’m doing is exceptional and important to my clients.”

It’s all true.  When I was a teacher, I wanted to come home every day with the feeling that my work had improved the quality of other peoples’ lives.  I definitely felt that from time to time, but being invited into people’s families to create documents of their lives…beautiful, funny, or otherwise… is perfect work for me.  I am a softy and I do care about my clients…a lot.

Last week, I was invited to the home of some friends of friends to photograph their brand new baby, Sloane, and later their 18 month old son, Hartman.  Using minimal gear and lots of TLC, we were able to come up with what I hope will be cherished documents of this young family’s life at this moment.  Sarah, the mother of the family, wrote this on my Facebook page regarding our shoot:

“What an awesome photo shoot we had with Jess. We love the pics and how she captured our kids “in action” using their personalities to their benefit – the fussy and the fun! Great stuff, good times and super easy to work with!” 

Happiness is my biggest reward…even if I can’t pay the bills with it 🙂  Please enjoy some of the highlights from this fun, sweet session.  Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this great family as they grow up!







This shot with Sloane in her daddy’s jacket is a tribute to Kristie Cromie, of L Photographie, who came up with this pose when photographing Sloane’s older brother when he was her age.  Gotta give her the props for coming up with it. 

Now go give someone a hug…tell ’em Jess sent you!


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