A typical day (no such thing)

My friend and colleague Jon Michael Ryan (of Tangent Mind, LLC…an amazing collective of extraordinary moving-image centric individuals) thought it would be fun to follow me on a family photoshoot and create a plucky little narrative about the Jess Dewes Photography Experience.  I could say this video illustrates a typical day in my life, but there’s no such thing as a typical day in my life.  I am a mom, a wife, a photographer with a growing business built around portraiture of many forms, a daughter, a friend, and I try to take decent care of my house and yard, too. 
I’m pretty happy with the results, barring the usual vanity-related dumb stuff that no one sees but me, and we had a pretty great time producing it. 

I owe a BIG shout out to the Jost family of St. Louis, MO, who allowed us to use their wonderful little family as our guinea pigs in this experimentation in storytelling.  They are simply the best clients in the whole, wide world.  Bar none. 

Have a look…it’s short, just under three minutes…and let me know what you think (but be nice, please.)


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