Ring Flash…

….sort of sounds like a parasite your cat might get, right?  Well, it’s actually a ring of light that you fit around your lense that pops like a regular flash (strobe) and gives a super-hard light from the front….and I kind of love it.  I know, I know…it’s hard to go wrong with ring flash lighting.  Much like old fashioned Photobooth lighting, everyone always seems to look more glamourous and generally fancier when lit with one of these bad boys.  While I recognize the ring flash is as recognizable a “look” as a fisheye lens (another photo gimmick I can’t help but love,) I enjoy the effect it has on my subjects.  That said, have a look at some of the test shots from a recent visit with my friend, fellow photographer Jay Fram and his adorable baby boy…and Sylvie.  Thanks, Jay, for having my back.


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